How to Order


  1. Choose or browse through the products on the SHOP PAGE found on the Menu Section.
  2. Click on the BUY NOW or ADD TO CART button to order.
  3. Click on any SHOP ROMEO link to direct you to the Shop Page.
  4. To see the photo on a larger view or to see other photos for reference, click on the image.
  5. By clicking ADD TO CART a notification will appear to confirm your product is successfully added to your shopping cart. You can click VIEW CART to see your order summary.
  6. Under SHOPPING CART, you can change the quantity of your item. You can also indicate if you have “Special Instructions for the Seller”. Click CHECKOUT to proceed with your order.
  7. Under INFORMATION PAGE, click any of the two: “Express Checkout” if you have a PayPal Account; or go to “Contact Information” to fill out the necessary details. Click CONTINUE TO SHIPPING to be directed to the Shipping Page.
  8. Under SHIPPING PAGE you can click CHANGE if you need to edit any information. Choose the “Shipping Method” where you belong. Then click CONTINUE TO PAYMENT.
    • Metro Manila Shipping – 3 to 5 business days
    • Provincial Shipping – 5 to 7 business days
    • International Shipping – Will be available soon